What is Professional Collagen?

The Professional Collagen preparation is obtained from the skins of precious species of fish. Specially developed technology allows the preservation of the biological activity of natural protein and mainatenance of spatial structure of the helix.

Deficiency of collagen increases with age

Manufactured in:
Cosmetics Laboratories
„Anna” in Gdańsk

Only this collagen has generative and anti-ageing properties. It also stimulates connective tissue cells for the production of collagen mesh.

Collagen also has a remarkable effect on the hydration of the epidermus. The level of hydration significantly affects the skin condition.

The Professional Collagen preparation is suitable for care of all skin types including skin affected by acne. It smoothes and firms the skin, reduces wrinkles, intensively hydrates, increases firmness of the skin and improves its colour. Collagen also strengthens and regenerates hair and nails.

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The first effects are already visible after a few days!

Professional Collagen causes cell regeneration, thus noticeable shallowing of even the deepest wrinkles and improvement of the skin’s condition.


Deep moisturizing and better skin firmness
Slowing down the skin’s ageing process
Regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin
Smoothing of existing wrinkles and prevention of winkle development
Brightens and reduces the capillary
Helps fight acne
Helps fight allergies
Smooths and reduces scars
Regenerates hair and nails
Regenerates skin after sun exposure and tanning
Strengthens sagging skin on breasts and abdomen
Speeds up the healing of wounds and skin injuries

Which collagen to choose?

In a young body, collagen is produced continuously, but after 25 years this process begins to gradually fade. The first signs of collagen deficiency are wrinkles, skin discoloration, cellulite, dry skin, dull hair and nails, and hunched silhouette.

The Professional Collagen preparation is produced in three varietes. The most precious type is EXTRA WHITE collagen which is recommended specially for exposed parts of body such as face, neck and chest. Read more

Multicream is a collagen preparation created in a creamy consistency with the addition of shark liver oil. It is recommended for prolonged contact with the skin. Read more

Neck and chest
Eye area
Other parts of body
Additional protection
against free radicals

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